RE: SSH Autologin problem

  • From: "Robert Freeman" <robertgfreeman@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 2 May 2007 12:26:11 -0600

Thanks a bunch Jared. I got it working after a couple of reboots somehow.
My guess is that I changed a parameter in the ssh config file but it didn't
take effect when just restarted the service. Anyway, it's all good now.

Enjoy your class!!


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Ah, I just re-reread this.
Check the permissions on $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys2

( I think that is the file name)

If there is public (and possibly group) permissions on the file,
ssh connections will not work.

IIRC, it is a good idea to remove all public and group permissions
from files in .ssh/.

Working from memory here, as I am in class (breaktime) and
don't have access to much in the way of a system.


On 5/1/07, Robert Freeman <robertgfreeman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> All,
> I'm trying to configure a 2 node RAC cluster on RH
> Enterprise Linux. I'm trying to get SSH where it will
> sign in without a password. I've gotten node1 to
> connect to node2 without a password, no problem. I
> can't seem to get node2 to connect to node 1 without
> using a password.
> Anyone have any ideas on this? After figuring I had
> forgotten something or was doing something wrong, I
> even went to metalink and followed document 300538.1
> to make sure I wasn't missing something. Still does
> not work.
> Robert
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