RE: SQL*Net encryption with SSH port forwarding

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Yes, I was referring to encrypting data between the middle-tier and the
db-tier. The apps is already SSL-enabled, so we are fine b/w the
middle-tier and the client browser. When you say that you have used it
to encrypt data from the apps front-end to the apps server; what was
your apps front-end? Was the apps loaded on a Citrix-type architecture?

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Do you mean encrypting sqlnet data between the database and the
application server?

If you meant using SSH port forwarding for encrypting the connection
from application frontend and app server then it has worked fine for me.

I've used SSH tunneling for Apps remote administration in past (in fact
we did series of test upgrades from 10.7 to 11i that way).

We had SSH access to one box beyond customer's firewall and for Apps GUI
access all we needed was port forwarding for two ports, the http and
forms communication ones. Also for ease of use we opened the sql*net
port as well.


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> Folks,
> Is anyone in this list using SSH port-forwarding methodology to 
> encrypt SQL*Net data, preferably in an 11i environment? If yes then 
> could you please your share your experience with me?
> I am interested in knowing a) How did it work for you b) any major 
> issues encountered that one should watch out for c) Performance 
> overhead d) robustness
> Thanks
> Amir

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