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If you start with linux/windows server you can download the FREE vmware
server edition. Desktop edition is the not free 30 day trial version.

So vmware on linux is still the Free soft way to go for RAC setup. At
least this is my opinion. Just upgraded my machine at home to 3GB memory
to do the same thing

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Now I am a bit in trouble. 

I have 2 Dell Dimension 9150 3ghz 1G ram at home and intended 
to buy the Firewire external disk to give a shot to RAC.

The netapp you propose seems tempting but you need 3 boxes. 
I presume you uses vmware to simulate virtual Linux boxes or you have
really 3 boxes?

On vitual machines I found this also:

Run oracle on Linux

Reading the step by step, you need to install fist vmware vitual
Problem, is that if you follow the link of what it is needed, it is an
evaluation for 30 days, It is not free.

On the other hand I get this as freeware vmware:

So, unless I miss something on linux, isn't the firewire the way to go
to build a RAC using free soft.

Please, can you share your experience on what free soft can be used to
install RAC. When do you use vmware, which version of vmwware to put
what piece of RAC on it (DB1, DB2, netapp)

B. Polarski


I wouldn't recommend spending money and time on hacking RAC working on a
firewire disk..
If you want to test this on dedicated boxes, then it would make more
sense to use NFS or the NetApp simulator..


> Folks,
> Is there anyone using the "Maxtor OneTouch III FireWire drive" with 
> Linux and 10G RAC? It seems that the Maxtor II FrieWire drives listed 
> in document 
> html are mostly not available. I am looking for an alternative.


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