??: [SPAM] dynamic views cosnstency, do they use UNDO?

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Some test can be built like below.
For I in 
(select * from v$session ) loop
--- Fetch data, do something 
end loop;
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??: [SPAM] dynamic views cosnstency, do they use UNDO?
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Since v$ views based on x$ are memry structures I guess there is no guarantee 
that they would give a consistent view correct? For example in some busy 
systems, for example a 2500 users CRM system running joins of v$ views is time 
consuming, for example if I try to join v$sesstat with v$session it takes 
really a while. 
If let's say it takes 10 seconds does Oracle guarantee the values I am seeing 
are from 10 seconds ago? I am pretty sure undo is not used for memory 
structures or wrong?
I Cant seem to find a easy way to test this.

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