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Thanks Mark.

We have contacted Steven Chan through our management in the past and his
answer was, which is also Oracle's official answer, that jintiator is
not and will not be certified for Vista. So officially, only Sun's JRE
plug-in is certified with Vista and currently only build 12 and 13 are

The problem is that if a desktop has a higher version of JRE installed
than what the apps is configured with then regardless of what JRE the
apps is configured with, it (apps) will fire up that (higher) version
for forms access. Oracle has provided a workaround where an entry can be
added to the registry to enable static versioning but this is not a
feasible solution from deployment standpoint for a large and widespread
user-base. Ideally, Oracle apps should recognize and execute the same
JRE version that it is configured with, like jinitiator, but that is not
the case.

I was wondering how other Oracle clients with large user-base are
addressing this issue.

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I think this is valid tech content, and besides I have a short answer
from Ahmed Alomari, formerly or Oracle, and now a key member of both and

Vista is supported if you use the Sun native Plug-in.  JInitiator can be
made to work, but it is not officially certified.  I am running 1.1.8
1.3 JInitiator on my Vista system and I can access EBiz systems without

Refer to the URL for
(Ebiz) notes.

-- Ahmed

The only thing I would add is to check whether your client side has
reached a release that is certified to no longer require jinitiator such
that it will work correctly with the Sun native plug-in. I'm pretty sure
that is covered in the schan blogs, but I'm not sure whether it is in
the particular note Ahmed referenced.

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Are there folks who are running Oracle EBS Applications with jinitiator
on the Windows XP client and planning to migrate to Microsoft Vista OS?
Can you please contact me offline? We are currently analyzing migration
to Vista and finding out limitations from the Oracle side and would like
to know how other Oracle customers are addressing these limitations.




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