RE: [SPAM] RE: Is it really necessary to reduce ITL Waits to near zero?

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Hi David,
I actually did read most of your last post, and I was going to reply.
But, I got pulled into a meeting and sidetracked, etc....
Anyhow, to address your much simplified question:  No, if ITL waits (or
any kind of wait or contention) does not contribute to response time,
don't waste your time.  This is at the heart of Method R, which Cary
describes in his book, and Amdahl's Law, which you can read about here:
Simple conclusion is that if it doesn't affect user response time, why
do you care?

Mark J. Bobak 
Senior Oracle Architect 

"There are 10 types of people in the world:  Those who understand
binary, and those who don't." 



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<the sound of crickets in the background>  Yea, silence is pretty much
what I got from my co-workers on this same subject.  I probably provided
too much info. Believe me, I do understand,  however please let me ask
this question:  
If ITL Waits are not a significant contributor to response time nor
causing deadlocks, can you think of a circumstance that justifies
reducing ITL waits on an object?  Must be my analness, but I keep
feeling like I've overlooked something.
David Taft  

        From: Taft, David  

        My main concern is if this analysis is sound.  I think it is,
but would appreciate a second opinion ...

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