RE: SMALLFILE TEMP / Temporary Tablespace Groups

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My understanding is that a user's session can use only 1 Temporary Tablespace 
in a Temporary Tablespace Group. So, a normal query will use only one Temporary 
Tablespace (which is dynamically allocated to it). 
However, where multiple sessions are created, each session might use a 
different Temporary Tablespace.  Therefore, if a query uses Parallelism (PQ), 
then it may span Temporary Tablespaces.
(I wonder if Oracle will force it to span Temporary Tablespaces,  and what 
happens if the number of Temporary Tablespaces is less than the PQ Degree ?)

Hemant K Chitale 

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TIA guys.
At an EXADATA install we're using BIGFILES  except for TEMP.   Where are using 
SMALLFILE (X-Team recommended many smallfiles for TEMP).
I didn't get  why.        That's because?

We are not using Temporary Tablespace Groups.   The reason we are not using 
them is that a single query is limited to one TEMP tablespace.
ALTER USER scott TEMPORARY TABLESPACE temp_ts_group;  Doesn't specify 
limitation.  Is this limitation accurate?

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