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Binley Lim wrote:

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>From: <dhotka@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>I certainly appreciated all the traffic on my question about doing reorgs
>>in an SAP database environment=2E  I totally understand both sides of the
>>issues and do remember that the client is the one paying/asking for the
>>reorg advise=2E=2E=2E
>>ONLY people using SAP and TSReorg need reply=2E=2E=2EThank you=2E
>I'm sure the client is paying *you*  for the advise. Obviously you do not
>not know what advise to give.
>Then you depend on this list to give advice, and sound like you are paying
>for it.
>You have some growing up to do.
Ummm I have  to reply here.... Dan is a world renown author - travels 
the country to  pass his knowledge onto others.  He made a great 
presentation (free) to our Oracle users group in Ct  last month - heck I 
even won his book  "oracle 9i development"!
 From my prespectve,  Dan asking  question on this list, demonstrates 
the quality of advice given here. This *is* a list of *the* experts, 
there is probably no better place in the world to ask. So, I be more 
careful when making a blanket statement like that.

On a side note - greetings all -  Im back in the Oracle world after a 
brief hiatus, althought Ive never unsubscribed. Its good to see all the 
regulars still making significant contributions.

All the best!
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