Running general applications on Exedata

  • From: David Roberts <big.dave.roberts@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: oracle-l-freelists <oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2012 05:12:17 +0100

I'm going to ask quite an open question , so I hope that I don't get
slapped down for that, but the chances are, if I haven?t included the
information, then the chances are I don't know, but do ask!
Firstly, I'm somewhat lower down the food chain than many on this list, I
have no practical knowledge of RAC and setting up my own RAC system in my
own virtual environment was something on my to-do list.

I now have the possibility of a sniff at an ExeData machine at Oracles
expense to prove our application in that environment.

This was extremely unexpected!

Obviously if I thought that this was even a remote possibility I'd have
attended the UKOUG Exa- Special event on Monday like a shot!

So, from almost a standing start;

I know that all the ExeData documentation is locked down and not freely
available from, so I've purchased the Apress title: Expert
Oracle ExeData.

The application isn't particularly large, I'm assuming that if the database
instance is only installed on one ExeData node, RAC issues are going to be

Ultimately it?s a mixed application with both OLTP and Reporting functions. My
understanding is that Exedata will be brilliant for reporting and not so
good for OLTP, and  normal tuning tactics for Exedata (like removing
indexes) are going to be a non-starter for OLTP performance.
And that's my starting position, so anything obvious I've missed? Any
obvious sources of ExeData knowledge, any documented approaches to
migrating applications to ExeData?

The application is more that 15 years old, largely Oracle Forms based and
currently runs in (database) environments from 9i to 11gR2, predominantly
on Windows.



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