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Start the RON.
Right click on "Global Shared WorkArea" - select "Create Child/Application
Within the Application, create an Oracle Database.
Create the User.

Start the Design Editor.
Click on the "DB Admin" Tab.
Select "Generate|Capture Design of|Server Model" from the menu.
Enter the Source of Design Capture as your database and enter the connect
Select the Target Container and Capture Implementations Into via the

Reverse Engineer the items separately in the following order:

Users (You can create these users by hand if you want to).
PL/SQL stuff (triggers, Procs & Packages).

Triggers will come automatically of you selected the option on the capture
window.  A new diagram will be automatically created for you - but it is
slower.  I usually create my diagrams by hand.

This is not a trivial task.  Capturing the tables can take a long time.  But
once you do it, keeping it up to date is not a big deal.

Good Luck!


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Subject: Reverse Engineering for Oracle Designer

I have problem using oracle designer. I have succesfully intalled the
product in my machine. How can i generate an erd diagram, gather all
trigger,view iinformation from my existing database. 
Example : i have devCRM schema. This schema contains all the table, view,
procedure and etc.. How can i generate and ER Diagram ? 
Your help is very much appreciated
Thank you 
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