RE: Restore RMAN backup from another location

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Look in the Rman documentation.  Specifically, look at the SET NEWNAME
FOR DATAFILE command.  It's got everything you are looking for.




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Yea I was doing it with Windows and I did end up mapping the drives. I
asked the guys to partition the disk or even add more disks so I can get
E and F drive, they didnt do it, I had to partition myself and I found
out no free disk space to get a F drive! 


However I thought there must be some way in RMAN to do this.... :-S







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I gather you are doing this in Windows. If so, then the easiest thing to
do is map a drive letter to the disk drive that contains the RMAN backup
file. Make sure the rest of the directory path matches the original
backup file spec. 


For example:

Original backup file was F:\oracle\backup\some_backup_file_name

Put backup file in C:\oracle\backup\some_backup_file_name

Map the F: drive to the C: drive and life will be good


The one time I had to do this I had an additional  complication. My
CDROM drive was using the drive letter (D:) I needed. I had to
reconfigure the CDROM to be the F: drive. 



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I was wondering how to restore an Oracle 9i RMAN backup from a location
where it was not backed up to.


For example I backed up the database to F:\, I then take this backup to
another Server where there is no F Drive, how do I tell RMAN in the new
server he should look in a different location to restore? There is no
problems with controlfiles and archive logs since we can specify the
location but I cant find a way for normal backup sets. 


There is a way in 9i which is to backup an existing backup set to
another location, not really the desired way.

In 10g we can use the catalog command to change the location.

Anyone know any other smarter way in 9i?









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