RE: Restoration of Backups from Prodction Server

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Navneet, what version of Oracle are you using?  I haven't pulled the
manual but looking at v$parameter my query shows me that the parameter
cannot be dynamically changed at the SESSION level, but that a change at
the SYSTEM level has immediate effect.
HTH -- Mark D Powell --

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Both of these having same hardware. 
Now I am facing one more problem, in our production server we have
log_archive_dest parameter.
Oracle docs says we can's change it dynamically, so we can't have
Any workaround to this?

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        Do you really mean different hardware as in DIFFERENT or same 
        or similar hardware?

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                You could just DUPLICATE the database in the new
location and apply the archivelogs as they are requested duriing
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                Subject: Restoration of Backups from Prodction Server

                We are migrating our database on different
hardware/location. We will get RMAN backup of the database. And we will
have access to archive logs generated during shipping/restoration(It
would be some seven days archive logs). 
                What are the options we have got to restore the
databases and bring it uptodate by applying archives.
                Dataguard is a solution here?

                It's 9i on Solaris 9.

                Thanks in Advance,

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