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Jeremy hi,
This is very first text about services I could find.
Very informative about little known area. Oracle is recently putting quite a
lot of emphasis on services.
Article is bit dry and long - I would put more step-by-step
experiments/instructions/examples and less of descriptive narration. For
example, instead of saying:
*This service relocation is **independent of any existing connections to the
database;**relocating a service will not disconnect the old node's **existing
connections (unless you explicitly pass the -**F **flag to **SRVCTL when you
relocate the service).*
give actual example and command.

More about practical aspects/possible uses.

English is my second language but *offer *below doesn't look right to me.
p 7 Oracle-based distributed database systems are *offer* a sophisticated
solution for complex data sharing needs.

Take out obvious:
(Synonyms are important so that you don't have to update all of your code!)

I would not say -
*though it won't benefit code that modifies **data (which admittedly is most
SELECTs are probably more prevalent - but neither is measured/proven.

Regards, Ranko.

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You can login as reviewer/reviewer07 to access the file.


Brian Lock
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RE: Request for Peer Reviews: Oracle Services Research Paper

The link doesn't take me to the paper, it asks for a username/password for
'Unreleased Material for Review Only'

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Hey everyone –

I just finished putting together a research paper about Oracle services
and I'd like to know if you could help my out by reviewing it.

I haven't yet seen any single paper that really focuses on services in
depth and covers all of their different aspects, even though they're a very
important part of Oracle databases today.  This paper aims to be a complete,
in-depth review covering every aspect of their interaction with Oracle.
 It's a little dense and lengthy but I believe it will be useful.

I would really appreciate any feedback, particularly on technical content.



The paper will only be available until Friday so if you are going to
review it you must grab it this week.  You can login as reviewer/reviewer07
to access the file.


Abstract—Performance management and high availability have become
base requirements for today's enterprise relational database
management systems. In Oracle databases users create "services" to
meet these challenges and those services touch almost every aspect
of database configuration. This paper presents a broad yet thorough
exploration and explanation of every aspect of services for both
and cluster (RAC) databases.
Jeremy Schneider
Chicago, IL*

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