Re: Replication question

  • From: Mark Bole <makbo@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 07:50:00 -0700

Sandeep Dubey wrote:

I have three identical databases say A, B and C.

Identical tablespaces? Identical schemas? Identical tables, keys, constraints?

I want to replicate
from A and B to C. Meaning C will have its own data plus the data from A and B. I can not create a db link from A or B pointing to C for security reasons.

Create dblinks in C for A and B instead.

Also handing over the stream_admin password of C to A and B to
push their changes through streams is not very good idea. I can not have multimaster replication as C is not sending its change to A or B.
Please suggest how this can be done?

You didn't mention version. Transportable tablespaces? Export/Import? Log Miner?

Is any one using streams to capture
data from remote database to your data center? Seems like streams push technology is a security hole.

Any method of taking data out of one database and loading it into another is going to have security issues, especially if you want it to run unattended. Your management needs to decide what level of risk they will accept to achieve a certain level of benefit.

Mark Bole


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