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Very quickly...

I would use Multi Master Advanced Replication for this.
Multi Master Replication is perfect for "small-ish / low-volume tables" 
with little dependencies where data changes happen infrequently and 
on one database MOST/ALL of the time

I would stay far away from "synchronous" Replication...just run 
the "push" and "purge" jobs say every five minutes...unless you
really need real time changes at both ends.

Having sad all of this I have no real experience with Streams and 
maybe some here will say that it is just as well.

If you go with Multi Master Replication I can send you some personal notes.

Be forewarned that Multi Master Advanced Replication is not with administration 
head aches as is *ANY* transaction based data synchronization option/tool.


Chris Marquez
Oracle DBA

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Subject: Replication Advice Needed
Hi All,

We need to keep 5 (small-ish / low-volume) tables on a
remote database in sync with those in the local
database.  We want synchronous updates of the remote
tables when the network allows but we also want to
apply queued transactions after recovery from a
network failure such that no transactions are ever
lost (assuming the local database to be "unbreakable"

I'm thinking of advanced replication or streams but
unfortunately I don't have any experience in either. 
I know this is going to require lots of reading and
experimenting but I was hoping to short-circuit this
by at least focusing on the right technology to start
with!:  what sounds like the best fit - AR or streams?
 (This is on 10g)

Thank you all in advance for any help


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