RE: Replacement for onames in 10g

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  • Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 05:57:22 +1100

We announced quite some time back that OiD was the replacement for Oracle N=
ames going forward from the 9i release timeframe, so you won't find namesct=
l at all from what I understand in 10g.

Having said that, the options that I'm aware of are:

1. Use OiD
2. Replicate tnsnames everywhere
3. Use a central tnsnames file and then use the tns_admin environment varia=
ble to point to it.  =

All going from memory so take it with a grain of salt.  :)



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    Im looking for a replacement of onames (which worked perfectly on 9i)
Going from 9ir2 to
namesctl  does not seem to be available on 10g. I understand that OID is =

overkill for a tnsnames replacement. Im handling about 500 intermittent =

users within one company's network
What are admins on 10g using as a replacement for onames?




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