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I've been working as a remote dba for almost all my professional
experience, also I have contact with many dba's from several countries,
India, Spain, Mexico, etc.. I think your questions has many things
involved, first of all, are you planning to hire independent dba's or
otusourcing companies which give dba services? no matter if we are
talking about a COE service or individual dba services. Also pls keep in
mind that when you have some dba's working remotely, they may be at the
same office (same projects, different projects same customer, different
customers) and have the oportunity to work as a team helping each other
to solve issues. At this moment Im working with dba's in several
countries and also in several cities in those countries, and sometimes
working part of time from home, that is, coming to office until noon and
then finishing day from home, also working on oncall schedules where
barely coming to office, that is afterhours or weekends, very important
is that they can be reachable as needed, that is all of them having
mobile phones in their countries, off course depending on service level
agreements. Many companies are moving to this approach, I think due to
Now, besides the location of your team, you need to be sure to make a
very good interview to candidates, or having in every location a "lone
ranger" mentoring several "ticket closers" which can grow to the next
level, that is a good approach that makes high performance teams. Also
Im sure you know that sometimes a very good interview may give you a
very good technical guy but it doesnt mean the candidate will be a
problem solver or a "communicator" or a leader per se.
In summary, you need to look for a good outsoursing company or
independent candidates with trustable recommendations to start making
your team, anyway you will need a couple of tries before getting the
correct people, and even when getting the correct people you will also
have to deal with people leaving companies very oftenly. 


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Hi List,

    I've been reading a lot about remote DBA services, these appear to
be companies based on different locations that provide customers with
DBA services while having all the DBAs physically in one location (or a
limited number of locations). These services are usually hired by
companies whose primary focus isn't IT. 

    My question now is...would this work in reverse? Having several DBAs
working out of their own homes in whatever city or country they want for
a single company (or for one of the remote DBA services)? I understand
the complexities of having people without Green Cards or working VISAS
working for US based companies, even if they are now physically in the

    This one may be for recruiters or decision makers: Would you hire
somebody you've never met (or met only by phone) who lives in another
country (worst case) and whose experience you can't verify if they asked
for half of what an on-site DBA would?

Thanks in advance

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