RE: Reinstall OS completely without reinstalling Oracle

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Here answers to the questions I've gotten:
The reasoning for the full install is that it is just cleaner than an upgrade. 
As such it seems none of them have down an upgrade except in practice or for a 

/var is a separate mount
                      7.8G  3.0G  4.4G  41% /
                      522G   30G  466G   6% /var
                      7.8G  458M  7.0G   7% /opt
Which is why I was thinking I could do this, but I know with Grid Infrastructe 
the install changes at least some system configurations, so I'm concerned about 
how to get that back, without knowing what it all is.

Phillip: Are you saying you've done this several times with RAC. I know with 
single instance I've done that and only need to make sure to bring over 
/etc/oratab, but it's the Grid Infrastructure part that worries me.

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I'm not really familiar with linux ... will you not have to relink/recompile 
the executables once you upgrade from 5.3 to 5.5 ??


On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 4:19 PM, William Muriithi 
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> So, here is the problem.
> We were given HP DL585G7s with RHEL5.3 installed. I installed RAC.
> We just found that the DL585G7 is only certified with RHEL5.5 or later.
> The SA team would rather install the OS from scratch than do an upgrade, and 
> I understand the reasoning behind it.
I do not understand.  Do you mind enlighten us? Personally yum update seem fine
> The oracle grid and db homes are in /var/oracle.
> Does anyone know if it is possible to reinstall the OS from scratch without 
> touching /var/oracle so we don't have to reinstall Oracle? I'm thinking 
> /etc/oratab can be save/restored or recreated, but I think the big problem 
> would be that init scripts and so forth would be removed by the fresh install.
If /var/oracle is a partition, they should be able to re-install
without destoying it.  However, if its a directory on the root
partition, a fresh install will destroy everything

type mount and see if /var/oracle is a separate partition
> Thanks,
> Jed
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