RE: Red Hat 2.1, Oracle and 25GB file block corruption on HP

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This export Oracle had you start...I am hoping they told you to export
to /dev/null

If not, that is where you need to send the export ..It will speed
through must faster and will then let you know if there is corruption in
the file.

Also, have you tried dbv  (DBVerify)????

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Okay... not that that is out of the way...

We have a multi TB databae (one of several) that has many 25GB files
(since it seems that is the biggest file we can make... ) and we have
several file systems.  "we" just created two new file systems that are
600+ GB each across several disks (0+1).

When we allocated new files on the first of these file systems, we got
block corruption... (ORA-00600: INTERNAL ERROR CODE, ARGUMENTS:
[25012], [27]) on several of the files.

HP says not hardware, RH says either Oracle or Hardware and Oracle
says it is OS or hardware.

Anyone else seen anything vaguely resembling this... it is becoming a
big giant Charlie Foxtrot and no one is of much help (although Oracle
did have us start an export 13 hours ago on the tablespace and it is
now nearly half done... that will tell us if the two extents in the
only file left showing corruption is actually corrupt or only
pretending to be... )


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