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  • Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 07:51:24 +0000

I agree with Jeremiah - the only puzzling thing to me is how a backup
controlfile seems to be aware of the creation time of archives created
after it was. It is early in the morning for me though. Other than
that though it's basic incomplete recovery isn't it? UNTIL TIME mean
stop at this time, UNTIL CHANGE means stop at this scn and UNTIL
CANCEL means keep going till I tell you otherwise.

On 31/01/2008, Jeremiah Wilton <jeremiah@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Pedro Espinoza wrote:
> > Ram Raman wrote:
> >> Why would oracle ask for a file that is from 5am when the backup finished
> at
> >> 1 30am. Is it the "UNTIL CANCEL" that made the difference?
> >
> > Because system01.dbf required redo to bring in consistent with all
> > other datafiles. One way to avoid this is: switch logfiles immediately
> > after backuping up datafiles, and then backup those archived redo.
> I am pretty sure that both assertions above are not right.  Ram had the
> right idea.  When you add the UNTIL... clause, the recovery session is an
> incomplete, or point-in-time recovery, and you can open it at any SCN after
> the last datafile finished backup (or backup mode ended if not using RMAN).
> Without the UNTIL clause, it is a complete, or continuous recovery, which
> will ask for logs forever.
> Switching logs (or more properly, archiving the current log - '...archive
> log current') upon completion of a backup would not do anything to change
> the behavior that Ram observed.  Further, failing to archive the current log
> would not cause a recovery to demand additional logs beyond the log in which
> the last tablespace came out of backup mode or last datafile finished backup
> (if RMAN).
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