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Allan Nelson wrote:

On Jan 31, 2008 2:12 PM, Prasad <p4cldba@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> "Why would oracle ask for a file that is from 5am when the 
>> backup finished at 1 30am?"
> Well, one possible explanation is that both committed and 
> uncommitted changes are written to the on line logs and hence 
> to the archived logs.  In the case of a transaction that 
> started before the backup and was running through the backup 
> you could need logs from before the backup started.  I'm sure 
> you could think of other scenarios that are specific to your 
> environment.

The presence of a long-running transaction before, during and after the
period of a backup would have no bearing on the archivelog requirements for
the recovery of that backup.  Backups consist of data blocks, and capture
the physical state of the database, without regard to the state of
transactions.  The inclusion of the UNDO_TABLESPACE or rollback segments in
the backup allows transactions that are incomplete at the time the recovered
database is opened to be rolled back.

The answer to the original poster's question has be correctly addressed by
multiple posters.  He was initially not using the UNTIL clause during
recovery, so the recovery was operating as a complete/continuous recovery.
The UNTIL clause is needed to perform a point-in-time or incomplete recovery
as was needed in the OP's case.


Jeremiah Wilton
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