RE: Really annoying change to 11.2 sqlplus

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Don't you love Oracle! It is amazing how many things you find changed that 
aren't mentioned in docs or training.

I'm annoyed that they de-frocked the windows sqlplus client in 11g. They needed 
to have SQLDeveloper ready for prime-time before doing that  (my main irk with 
SQLD is that it still doesn't handle expired passwords, otherwise it is a good 
tool for SQL)

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Letting off some steam here.
I just moved a Oracle client to 11.2, having done a set of tests with
JDBC, PERL DBI, sqlplus etc etc. So far one shell script has had a
problem, because it used the "-F" option with sqlplus, which has
disappeared in the version. Searching MOS I find that the
"-F" was only ever there to workaround a bug whereby sqlplus was not
failing over in a RAC situation and now that the bug is fixed the
option is no longer needed. But the person or persons involved could
of least just changed sqlplus to ignore the option/print a
"deprecated" message, instead of removing it as a valid option so that
the result is the usage message!




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