RE: Real time data trasfer between 2 DB

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My recommendation would be to just assign all of the reporting users to
a low consumer group.  This will ensure that your production users have
no impact and you can still get your reports out.





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Dear All,


Many thanks for all your valuable suggestions. 

It seems if we keep a single DB for both purposes (records to be
inserted by GPS devices and for reporting) maintenance cost would be
less but we need to work out on database design and hardware cleverly.



Arvind Kumar



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I agree with Dick, and would also add that tune the sqls for reporting
so they won't put additional load ... 


Also for replication, GoldenGate is another candidate ... you can do one
way replication but also consider the licensing costs etc.



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First question I would ask is why do we have 2 databases in the first
place.  Mostly I get that requirement because "we don't want to impact
the activity of the application with reporting requirements"  In your
case the application is the bus sending data to the database for input,
not update.  And depending on your server the replication can become
more of a resource hog than the reporting.  I've got a situation like
that right now and it really is a bear.  So, get the right server with
more memory and cpu than you think you'll need for 10 years and have
just the single instance.  That also takes care of the latency issue as


Dick Goulet 
Senior Oracle DBA/NA Team Lead 
PAREXEL International 



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