RE: Reading corrupted Datafiles offline

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oh yes, Bernard did upgrade and improve DUL in may was, up to 10g.
chained rows are easy to follow, reading row flags, by the way...

kind regards,

Steve Adams Seminar
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As Jim mentioned there is the DUL (Data Unloader ) tool that Oracle consulting
can use for you. The normal stated accuracy is 99% depending on your system. It
never understood how to follow chained rows. You are lucky to be on 8.1.6 as
they never updated the tool to 9i/10g according to the developer, ( a project
sometime in the future for him).

Give us so more details about what exactly happened and what you have of your
database, then we may be able to help you. 

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Subject: Reading corrupted Datafiles offline

Hi list,

assuming the following scenario:

No working Backup because of several reasons.
Not all datafiles of the database
Corrupt blocks in the datafiles we have

So, as far as i know, there no way to restore the Database in any conventional

My question is, is there any oficiall or unoficiall way to read the data from
the datafiles direct?

System ist Linux and Oracle 8.1.6(!)

We need not the total whole off the data but some important tables from one
special tablespace.
I am aware of bad luck with the location of the corrupted blocks, but i will
give them a try ;-)

If you need more Information feel free to ask.

Thx in advance


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