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>This is the very same reason, that you don't see any values in 
>lots of views like 'AP_INVOICES_V', since the profile doesn't get setup by
>normal login.

While it is true that an APPS login from SQL*Plus is different from a login
via the Application, this does not apply here and this will be clear below).
This is because all users (at least in 11i onward which is required to be
multi-org enabled) are associated with an Organization ID which is then used
to show only those rows that the user is authorized to see. You can (and
should) enable this using the following call when logging into an Apps
database via a tool other than Apps:

begin apps.fnd_client_info.set_org_context('<Org_id_required>'); end;

Get the Org_id from your functional/sysadmin person.

>>so what does 42365 in FND_USER.LAST_UPDATE_LOGIN mean ? 
>>i'm confused !!! can this be related to any v$ view ?

The LAST_UPDATE_LOGIN is a running serial number that is a Stamped ID on any
changed row(s) that ties that update back to a specific login session. Use
the LAST_UPDATE_LOGIN to get the FND_LOGINS.USER_NAME as shown below:

select user_name from apps.fnd_logins l, apps.fnd_user u
where login_id = <last_update_login_in_question>
and u.user_id = l.user_id;

Hope this helps!
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