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My mind immediately leapt to the RAID-555 technology; but why stop ther=
The more you RAID-5 it the better the performance, right?

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The BAARF membership template (ie an email to me :) ) is on -=

we would like people to submit a statement regarding RAID-F also, but
just the name will give them party membership. You, Paul, of course
don't need to do this - I've given you membership number 62, which
should be visible on the website at some point in the near future :).

What a fantastic concept of RAID-50. I've always loved the idea of
selling customers RAID-5 solutions, and then mirror them. With the idea=

of striping across RAID-5 sets, whole new possibilities arise.

For instance, we could mirror this striped RAID-5 idea and get RAID-510=
But why stop there? The striping in itself can give problems, so why no=
use a more secure striping technlogy, namely RAID-5? So we could start
out RAID-5'ing the RAID-5 sets, thus getting RAID-55. THEN we could
mirror that solution, arriving at the incredible RAID-551 setup.


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