RE: RSS Feeds, Metalink and a New Sign Out Button

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Another nice enhancement would be to provide a way to add a description
or note to the CSI so it would be easier to identify which client's CSI
is which

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        I'd like my profile associated to me, with the associations to
CSIs subordinate to that.  As a consultant, I have access to the CSIs of
several different clients.  Occasionally the Metalink Administrator of a
client removes me from their list of users (like when I finish an
assignment).  This has the nasty result of me not being able to access
Metalink at all.  I have to figure out which client did this (sometimes
it's obvious, occasionally not), have them add me back to their list,
then drop their CSI from my profile.  Unfortunately I sometimes only
discover this has happened when I'm trying to get into Metalink to solve
a problem for another client, and these extra steps are a major pain.
        If the client removes me from their list, it should just
eliminate my ability to access information related to their CSI, not
keep me from getting into Metalink.

                What could be done to make it better?
                Well enough of my rant. Would appreciate the thoughts of
others however.

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