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If I set redundancy 4 and then delete obsolete, that will delete the older 

however, if I set the control_file_record_keep_time  to 1000 days, shouldn't 
that keep 1000 days worth of backup data so I can still restore from tape? 

will control files really get that big? aren't they just keeping some data for 
rman. This can't be more than a few megabytes at most even with 1000 days 
worthof backups?  

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?Redundancy = 4? should ensure that your controlfile retains metadata knowledge 
of 4 backups of the specified type.  If you want to ensure that you don?t lose 
this info though, I would strongly recommend that you use a catalog database 
(just in case you lose your controlfile(s)? and should be used if your instance 
is mission critical).  Since it doesn?t sound like you are using a catalog db, 
I also suggest that you use ?controlfile copy? versus controlfile backups (or 
in addition to at a minimum).
Regardless of catalog database usage? make lots of controlfile copies on 
different disks? often.  And? be sure that you have enough mountpoint space for 
your expandable controlfiles.  If control_file_record_keep_time > 0, it will 
expand when needed.  And if you?re asking your controlfiles to retain 4 backups 
worth of knowledge, depending on db size, backup frequency, amount of redo, 
etc? these controlfiles may get large.

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If I am making tape backups and I am using redundancy 4. How do I restore older 
backups after the controlfile recycles? Or do I set 
control_file_record_keep_time to a sufficiently large number?
do I have to write down the DBID and use that to restore an older copy? 

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