RE: RMAN vs. Veritas Backup Exec (not NetBackup)

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Frankly I scripted RMAN and run backups from their.  In my mind more
control - less points of failure and works like a charm.  The initial
setup is a pain but after that simple to just add new
functionality/backups.  Also, we use the libraries for Networker but I
think you can just get the libraries for media management software and
save the cost on the full suite from Veritas.=20

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Currently, we are backing up our 8i databases on Solaris 5.8 using
nightly =3D cold backups.  We use Veritas Backup Exec to backup the
resulting files to =3D tape. However, with the recent implementation of =
200Gb 9i database on =3D Windows, it's time to pursue a more =
backup process.

I have been slogging through the RMAN syntax (yuck!), but once you get
the =3D RMAN scripts set up, it seems pretty straightforward.

We are looking at the Veritas Backup Agent for Oracle, but I'm having =
trouble getting details on how it works.  I'm still waiting on a call
back =3D from their support staff.  I have played with the Veritas GUI,
and I can =3D see how it appears to work on its own (without RMAN).
However, I thought =3D I read that the Backup Agent was integrated with
RMAN, but I can't find =3D any details.

So, my actual questions are:

1. If we use the Veritas Backup Agent alone (without RMAN), does it =3D
completely restore and open the database once a restore operation is =3D
complete?  Is there any documentation that shows what Oracle commands it
=3D runs during backup and restore operations, if any?

2. How does the Veritas incremental backup work?  Does it use RMAN?

3. Is anyone using RMAN together with the Veritas Backup Agent for

Offline responses are fine, if this seems too OT.


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