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  • From: "Steve Perry" <sperry@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 20:14:21 -0600

we have a rman backup for 500 GB 9.2 RAC on RHEL3 (3 LTO II drives) that takes 
3 hours to complete, but kills the node it runs on.
io wait % goes to 60%, cpu is low. the server is pretty much unresponsive until 
it completes.
We allocate 4 channels and are not using the large_pool or tape slaves. 

We tried the same thing but used Disk (seperate LUN from the database) and the 
server crashed.

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  Hi, all,

  I just started to look into RMAN backup and recovery and have a question: for 
example, it takes 2 hours for RMAN to backup the database, how much impact will 
RMAN have on the database during this 2 hours? Will user be able to access the 
database during this 2 hours? 

  Any comments would be greatly appreciated!!

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