RE: RMAN backup of noarchivelog DB

  • From: "Bobak, Mark" <Mark.Bobak@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 13:59:49 -0400

Hi Ram,

I'm sure someone can help.

First, what is the "regular script" that you're using?  Can you post it?

Second, what "problems with the services" are you referring to, exactly?  
Specific error with error number would be helpful here.

We need to know what you're doing and exactly what problem you're running into, 
in order to help.


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Subject: RMAN backup of noarchivelog DB

Does anyone have script to perform backup of a Db in noarchivelog mode in a 
10.2 RAC environment.

I tried using the regular script which shuts down the DB and then puts the DB 
in mount mode to do backup. But I get problems with services in the DB and not 
able to connect when the DB comes up in mount mode. I tried using "shutdown 
immediate; startup mount; backup" method in rman. That did not work. I tried 
stopping the DB and then starting it in mount mode using srvctl, that did not 
work either.

This is a two node DB with one instance disabled, so we work out of one 
instance.  The services are configured to automatically come up when the 
instance comes up using


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