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When you say lost datafile and other files, do you mean completely lost or did 
you have backup copies?

"Stephens, Chris" <ChrisStephens@xxxxxxx> wrote:
We always tested:

Lost datafile
Lost system datafile
Lost control file
Lost all control files
Lost pfile,spfile


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List - Recently in response to an RMAN question, several listers
mentioned how critical it is to perform a test recovery after
configuring RMAN. I agree whole-heartedly. I was wondering if some
people could share some details of what tests seem appropriate. A simple
test I can think of is to backup the database, then shut it down, rename
the system datafile, then attempt to bring the database back up, then
recover the datafile using an RMAN command and open the database. Is
this test sufficient? On one hand I want to ensure RMAN is correctly
configured for backup and recovery, but on the other hand these tests
are best performed on a new database before handing it over to the
users. And the users are usually clamoring to use the database, so I
don't want to conduct extensive tests that are just testing RMAN itself.
Any thoughts?

Dennis Williams


Lifetouch, Inc.


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