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I don't think you will find the specific tape volume information in the
Rman repository.  This is managed by the Media Management software.

But I've had luck spinning better reports using the Rc_Database,
Rc_Backup_Set and Rc_Backup_Piece views.

I agree that Rman reporting is quite lame.  But luckily, they have
developed a few views to help us along.

Good Luck,


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We have need to obtain information from RMAN including the specific tape
volumes on which various backupsets are written.  For example, "show me
the information in the catalog for backupsets written between date 1 and
date 2, including the tape volumes".  I've diddled around with the
myriad forms of the RMAN "list" command to try and obtain this
information, but the only success I've had is using the syntax that
includes "primaryKey" (i.e., BS Key) specifiers; without this keyword,
the "Media:" field in the output is empty.

Unfortunately, in order to obtain these keys, you first have to issue
the "list" command that generates scads of output, parse this output for
the BS keys, and then assemble this information into another script that
includes these keys in "list" commands in another RMAN session.

This can't be this hard.

Hopefully I'm missing something perfectly obvious.  Any clues?  TIA...
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