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Bottom Line : The RESTORE DATABASE VALIDATE doesn't confirm that the restored 
database is recoverable. You must separately run RESTORE ARCHIVELOG ... 

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Looking for general advice here and to clear up any misconceptions I have.
I am looking at RMAN scripts currently running in both Prod/Test
environments and I have a question about RESTORE DATABASE VALIDATE
statements being used in our daily FULL backup scripts. For example (see
#8) below:

RMAN> connect target *
2> run{
3> allocate channel d1 type disk;
4> sql 'ALTER SYSTEM archive log current';
5> backup as copy database format '+DG1';
6> sql 'ALTER SYSTEM archive log current';
7> release channel d1;}
8> restore database validate;
9> crosscheck copy;
10> crosscheck archivelog all;
11> delete noprompt obsolete;
12> list copy;
13> exit;

From my understanding, RESTORE DATABASE VALIDATE only validates Datafiles
for RESTORE - not Archivelogs needed for a complete RECOVER. Also from
what I recall from OU Admin Class, one would run this command prior to an
actual restore and probably not daily. Plus, to accomplish what I think
the prior DBA intended (test a RECOVER), you would also issue a "RESTORE
ARCHIVELOG ALL VALIDATE" statement immediately after.

What is the general consensus here?



Environment Info: 10.2/RAC(2-node)/ASM/No Catalog/OEL5



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