RMAN Compression verses cold

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Just took a database from 1 ½ hours cold backup to compressed RMAN hot backup 
that took 4 ½ hours, (oracle version  Only one backup so far.   (one 
Disk Channel).   BTW  the cold backup 'compress'ed the files also ('*.Z').


To continue comfortably, I'd about have to do a level 0 on a weekend and either 
a level 1 the rest of time, or the rest of the week and repeat, (or similar).


I believe I should be able to pick this up in terms of time.   Both backups 
were to internal drives, one mount point.  Although a san could be in the 
future, not now, (db files go to san).


I have R. Freemans book, (half way through), but would like a couple comments, 
or pages.   First it seems odd to be so much longer during the same time period 
even if it is an entire backup.


I noticed this on other databases as well.    


Joel Patterson 
Database Administrator 
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My only negative experience with it so far was that the restores took twice as 
long.  This timing was pretty consistent through testing it about 5 times.  
This was with Oracle, AIX 5.3 and Netbackup 6.0.  My backups were 
consistently faster and much smaller so that's great, but with the restores 
taking twice as long we decided it wasn't acceptable for our production 
database, but it's great for test & dev.




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