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  • Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 07:24:35 -0500

A 'ready made script' probably isn't going to help you as every back-up and
recovery scenario is different.   RMAN is a really neat tool.  I didn't like
it (or use it) in 8i, it matured somewhat in 9i and it's really come of age
in 10g.  That being said, the command syntax is slightly diferent in 9i and
10g, so one script might not work for both releases.

Regardless of whether or not you use RMAN, the first thing you have to do is
define your backup strategy.  Are you backing up to tape, disk, or a
combination of both?  Are you going to use a recovery catalog?  What is your
retention policy?  Is network bandwidth an issue?  Will you be using a
thrid-party Media Management Layer like Tivoli Storage Manager or Veriatas

Once you've figured out what you want to do, then you can configure RMAN to
do it.  If you want to start learning how to use RMAN, I suggest you begin
with some sort of 'sandbox' instance, possibly a stand-alone database you've
installed on a nominally unused server or PC.

You ought to go out to OTN and get both the 9i and 10g versions of the
Backup and Recovery Guide as well as the Advanced Backup and Recovery
Guide.  To give youself a jump start into understanding these presentations
and get some 'hands-on' exercise with the tool, buy this book: . It's a great introduction that willl
have you perfroming simple backups in a couple of hours.

Good luck.

On 3/30/06, Dean Paul <oracledbam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> i want to setup RMAN for backup on Windows2000/Oracle9i and 10g.
> Let me  know if any one have ready made script?
> Let me know if any good documents if you have?
> thanks
> -Seema
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