RES: log buffer size and log file syncs

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Hi Jon,

  Today I was Reading about this topic on old, but amazing blog post from
Jonathan Lewis ( Maybe
you can find what you searching. 

  On OracleR Database Performance Tuning Guide documentation from 11gR2 

7.4.1 - On most systems, sizing the log buffer larger than 1M does not
provide any performance benefit. Increasing the log buffer size does not
have any negative implications on performance or recoverability. It merely
uses extra memory.

  The official doc said "NO" for your question.
Best Regards,

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Has anybody run into a case where the log buffer size was too big, and
negatively affected log file writes and log file sync waits ?

I have a system that ignores my parameter for 32mb log file size and sets it
to 128mb, due to the granule size.  The workaround is to lower the granule
size so that I can manually set the redo log buffer lower.  But I am not
sure if this will have any positive affect on log file sync times.  Normal
I/O for log file writes is fast at 2-4 ms, but log file syncs are bad at 50
to 150 ms.


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