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WRT the question of whether smaller block sizes will allow
Oracle to perform better, I don't see where it can have any
impact (one way or the other). From my perspective it is
kind of like asking which pizza will fill you up more;
a 12 inch pizza cut into 4 slices or a 12 inch pizza cut
into 8 slices. A 12" pizza is the same size; regardless of
how you slice it.

Not true - depending on the filling, it may be a lot 
easier to pick up the smaller slices with one hand;
which affects the options for eating pizza and drinking
{insert liquid of preference here} at the same time.

Comparing disk i/os - you may have to make 8 trips 
to the pizza box with the smaller slice - but you may 
have to move, and co-ordinatate both hands when 
you reduce the number of trips to 4.

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