Re: RE : RE: Query takes ages in Oracle 10G

  • From: "Rumpi Gravenstein" <rgravens@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: isabel_bga@xxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 17:30:32 -0400

If you haven't already done this I'd start by checking and making sure that
all the same indexes are built, statistics are collected before digging to
deep into more subtle issues.


On 9/21/06, Isabel Bedoya <isabel_bga@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yeap!.. I just copy paste this query to SQL*Plus, and then I have to kill it with the task manager, it just locks and doesn't return any result at all!. But in Oracle 9i, it returns the values in a matter of seconds

*"Allen, Brandon" <Brandon.Allen@xxxxxxxxxxx>* a écrit :

If I understand correctly, you're saying that the following query is the
problem - it runs slow by itself, regardless of the other sub and parent

                                FROM   VENCIM
                                WHERE  VENCIM_ESCENA_CODIGO___ = 'REAL'
                                       VENCIM_PORTAF_CODIGO___ = 'OBL' AND
                                       VENCIM_ESTADO___ = 2
                                       VENCIM_FECCOBORI <= '21/09/2006'

Is that correct?

What was the explain plan for this query when you traced it?

Maybe it is expecting the date predicate to be more selective than it
really is so it's using an index there instead of a FTS?

Maybe the problem could be related to auto gathering of histograms in
10g?  Try deleting histograms on the table and see if that helps.  Or, on
the contrary, maybe your auto stats job hasn't run yet in your new 10g
database so your stats are absent or out of date?

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