RE: RAC on OCFS2 acceptance testing

  • From: "Kevin Closson" <kevinc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "freelists" <oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006 09:09:14 -0800

You might want to loko at this:
>>>The only exceptions are the Oracle binaries and the admin 
>>>stuff (bdump, udump...) - 

I thought you said everything :-)

>>>know... decision was made before my time - it's not Ferrari, 
>>>but performance is not my concern at the moment). 

Even shared-nothing clustered databases can hold up under failures
when they are idle.

>>>1. FO: Single primary failure [instance abort, SIGKILL 
>>>listener, crs, cssd, power off a node, interconnect NIC 
>>>failure (not bonded), HBA failure - how? ]

killing stuff==simple, not a challenge. Power-off a node? Simple,
not a challenge. Linux RAC without a bonded interconnect is not RAC.
is a single point of failure for the entire cluster. HBA? Pull
both paths from their GBICs.

>>>4. FO: Cascading failures [?]


>>>5: DR [srvctl stop database -d <...> -o abort and FSFO to a 
>>>target standby under 2min, change the threshold and manual 
>>>FO and switchback, FO to a non-target standby]

good practice!

>>>6. Load test [basic built-in synthetic DG 5-hour load of 
>>>aprox. 3 MB/s, 10 tps - verify LB (server-side TAF, no FAN)]

Thus far all your tests embody the simple clusters testing Oracle
already does. This wont go much further either.

>>>7. Recovery [Loss of database, ocr (single copy and all), 
>>>voting disks (single copy and all), spfile, cf (single copy 
>>>and all), online redo (non-current/active, active, current - 
>>>all multiplexed copies), binary tree, physical and logical 
>>>corruptions (e.g. single table block corruptions with bbed), etc.

Good practice.

>>>8. Application load and stress tests (qaload?)

Good idea.
>>>Any evil thoughts (but not evil enough to kill the system 
>>>completely, as I have to hand it over at the end of a week)?

Read the blog.


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