RE: RAC - mix Intel and AMD in same cluster ?

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I've never run RAC so not speaking from any experience and it's been a long 
time since I read anything on how RAC manages the multiple caches, but I'd 
think the locking delays Mark (or Oracle Support) mentioned would only affect 
DML, so the faster nodes would still be able to process SELECT queries faster, 
but might just be limited to the speed of the slower nodes for 
UPDATE/SELECT/DELETEs.  Most of my systems are probably 90% SELECTs so I 
wouldn't be too concerned about the slower nodes, however in a DML-intensive 
environment it might be more of a problem.


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The reasoning behind why faster nodes in a cluster are gated to the performance 
of the slowest node, is that all nodes potentially participate in any SQL 
execution . . .

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