Re: RAC installation issues

  • From: "oracle sos" <sosoracle@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: toni_belloni@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 01:30:36 -0400

Once you successfully installed Oracle clusterware, then all the member
information already registed in the CRS. You can install ASM from any one of
the node and run on each node. You should only have ONE ASM instance
on each host.

One other suggestion is to contact your local Oracle sales and ask him/her
to engage an on-site consultant to help with the installation and
configuration. :)


On 8/7/06, Antonio Belloni <toni_belloni@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


We are setting up an Oracle RAC environment in IBM
AIX. We've read all the documentation and some books
and we understood very well the installation process.

We are using Oracle Standard Edition and a two-node
setup. We've outlined the main tasks:
- Configure raw devices for OCR and voting;
- Configure storage for ASM;
- Install Oracle RAC in server 1 and server 2

But where should we install ASM? Oracle support told
us that we need one instance of ASM in server 1 and
one instance of ASM in server 2. How to do both
servers, using different ASM instances, see the same
shared disks? Or do I need one ASM instance in server
1 and make server 2 use this instance installed in
server 1?

We've searched all books and install guides, but could
not find anything that would help us with these
questions. Please, could someone help us or pointed us
a good documentation or book regarding this issues?

Best regards,
Antonio Belloni

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