RE: RAC de-clustering

  • From: Bryan Thomas <bthomas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kevinc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 10:23:06 CST

You can also use srvctl to remove the node, service, database or instance.


srvctl remove database -d <database-name>  
srvctl remove instance  -d <database-name> [-i <instance-name>] 
srvctl remove service -d <database-name> -s <service-name> [-i <instance-name>] 

srvctl remove nodeapps -n <node-name> 


Remove the applications for a database.  
        srvctl remove database  -d ORACLE 
Remove the applications for named instances of an existing database.  
        srvctl remove instance -d ORACLE -i  RAC03 
        srvctl remove instance -d ORACLE -i  RAC04 
Remove the service.
        srvctl remove  service -d ORACLE -s STD_BATCH
Remove the service from the instances.
        srvctl remove  service  -d ORACLE -s STD_BATCH -i RAC03,RAC04
Remove all node applications from a node.
        srvctl remove  nodeapps -n myclust-4

Quoting Kevin Closson <kevinc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> unless I am missing your question, you can simply relink Oracle
> rac_off. If is a stub (rac_off), CRS is not an issue.
> You'll still have multiple threads of redo, but no matter... it wont
> be RAC.
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>       Subject: RAC de-clustering
> on TRU64 V5.1
>       Scenario.
>       currently i have a number of RACed databases (3 in total) which
> are running 10g RAC on a 4-node (say node 1, node2, node3 and node4)
> TRU64 Cluster. 
>       what i want to be able to do is take 2 of these databases out of
> RAC mode (on node 1 and 3 and leave the third database RACed (on nodes 2
> and 4)
>       Is this possible, if so can someone give me some pointers on
> how. 
>       My specific question are, do i have to de-install the RAC
> software and CRS software on the nodes which are not going to have the
> RAC databases, but my ORACLE_HOME and CRS_HOME are on a shared
> filesystem, so i guess this can't be done! 
>       Am not using ASM.
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