RE: RAC Vs Standby Database between Primary and Secondary Data Centers

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        RAC is not a High Availability solution in and of itself.  A RAC
system must have all servers in the same physical location which leaves
you vunerable to earth quakes, fires, etc.....  Standby database is
there to protect you against these types of disasters by placing an
identical copy of your database in a separate physical location that
presumably will not get hit by the "9/11 factor" at the same time.  The
first thing you should do is determine what your trying to protect
against and then plan accordingly.  RAC will protect you against a
single server failure in your local data center.  Standby can protect
you against a single server failure as well, but adds protection for a
9/11 incident at the same time..

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I need your opinion regarding setting up High Availability solution
between Primary and Secondary Data Centers. Is it better to go with
Oracle RAC or Oracle Standby database.

Thanks In Advance,

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