RE: RAC 10g interconnect resilient configuration

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Hopefully you've logged those VIP failover issues as bugs.  ;)

Gong back to Luca's original question, depending on your configuration NIC 
bonding may not be the best possible path for you.  I know in some of our 
testing certain OS's didn't work well with NIC bonding.  If you find yourself 
in that situation, you can always fall back on the CLUSTER_INTERCONNECTS 
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I would highly recommend anyone setting up RAC to using bonding for the

We have seen problems with the VIP not failing over properly in certain

Dell has a good document that describes the NIC bonding located here:

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I am trying to find a good HA configuration for the interconnect network
of RAC on Linux (10gR2 on RHEL 3). I have redundant switches and NICs
for the interconnect. From my tests and from Oracle documentation I see
that RAC can handle network (switch) failures, by simply bypassing the
failed network, while unfortunately 10gR2 clusterware can only be
configured to use 1 network (if that fails all RAC nodes but one go
From metalink Note:220970.1 I found a reference to using NIC bonding
(unfortunately the link to the doc is broken, which is not a good start
for an HA doc).
I wonder whether implementing bonding is a good idea for the RAC
interconnect, besides the extra complexity, I am afraid of loosing
scalability regarding RAC (cache fusion) being able to load balance over
the NICs (as it does in the 'normal' configuration).

Any thoughts/ experiences to share on this?


Luca Canali
Information Technology Department
CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research
Geneva, Switzerland



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