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I've found the oifcfg utility to be quite trustworthy and I'd take this 
information to mean pretty clearly that you're using bge0 for public traffic 
and all interconnect traffic uses bge3 (192.168.1.x). The 
GV$CONFIGURED_INTERCONNECTS view shows all interconnects that Oracle is aware 
of. As far as I know, Oracle won't use a public interface for interconnect 

I don't think you've got anything to worry about. I haven't looked at the 
GV$CONFIGURED_INTERCONNECTS view in all the installs I've done, but I've looked 
at oifcfg output a lot and your output below looks normal to me.


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Hi All, 


one question on interconnect in our 2 node RAC(Oracle RAC on Solaris 
9 with Oracle clusterware and rawdevices for OCR and Voting Disk)...


I ran the below query 

select * from gv$configured_interconnects

1             bge3        NO         Oracle Cluster Repository

1             bge0          YES         Oracle Cluster Repository
2             bge3        NO         Oracle Cluster Repository

2             bge0          YES         Oracle Cluster Repository

$  oifcfg getif
bge0      global  public
bge3  global  cluster_interconnect





Does this mean that the RAC is using both Public and private interfaces for 



Why does it show the public interface in the GV$CONFIGURED_INTERCONNECTS??


How to find out whether only the private interface is used for interconnect ??


Should i go for ocrdump command?





Anurag Verma,
Database Administrator
ERCOT(Electric Reliability Council of Texas),
Texas 76574 

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