Re: Question for Java developers on Hibernate

  • From: Ingrid Voigt <GiantPanda@xxxxxxx>
  • To: oracle-l-freelists <oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2011 17:41:02 +0200


try the following trigger. It catches the error-causing SQL by inserting
a table.

Simple version:

Slightly more fancy version:

Best regards

On 28.07.2011 16:47, Guillermo Alan Bort wrote:
So... I'm very annoyed today with one of out beloved developers...

Due to some "security" measures (in fact it was a political issue) we
had to do a database refresh and upgrade all in one step using expdp.
It's not all that bad, but the dev team that is supposed to use the new
database is having a lot of trouble with the new DB (everything from
synonyms to grants had to be reviewed, thank god for TOAD's "compare
database" feature).

The problem is that the database was refreshed from the production DB
and the old dev DB had a few modifications, so basically now they are
having trouble with the dev version of the app (missing columns/tables?).

The app is a java monster that uses hibernate to connect to Oracle (did
I ever mention my aversion to frameworks?) and when I asked exactly WHAT
table was missing the dev team didn't seem to have an answer, all they
are getting is ORA-942... so I asked for the SQL Query and the reply was
that they are using hibernate and that it doesn't allow them to see the

I honestly know very little about java and even less about hibernate,
but there must be a way to see this (other that tracing the session)...
so my question to those of you who know hibernate or work with hibernate
is how do you see what query the framework is executing?

and if hibernate doesn't actually have a way to easily log what its
doing... well I'm amazed that anyone would choose it for production use.

thanks :-)


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