RE: Querying V$ views within scripts

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An incremental backup still has to read every block to see if it's been
changed so the time is pretty much the same.  The only impact that would be
lessened would be on the writes to the backup sets.  You can so an
archivelog backup every hour and that would definitely be less overhead and
might fit the bill.


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and you should use rman with full backup at night and incremental backup
each hour, to minimize the impact.

Yechiel Adar
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> At 06:25 AM 12/14/2004, stephen booth wrote:
> >In this case they want *hourly* backups of the database to minimise
> >dataloss.  I told them that with the redo logs I can use the previous
> >night's backup and roll forward to any point in time before the
> >failure, but see above comments about managers.
> If they want hourly backups, actually unconditionally, they should use
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