Re: Query performance question

  • From: "Grant Allen" <gxallen@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006 10:16:58 +1100

On 3/3/06, Mike Schmitt <mschmitt@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>  There have been a number of good ideas on how to rewrite the query.  I plan
> to test them out later to help me learn.  My query writing ability is
> probably a 0 out of 10.
>  The only problem with rewriting the query is that this is suppose to
> represent a row based security implementation.  For example,
>  User fred logs into the database and runs the query : select count(*) from
> fred.table_A
>  User fred's query will automatically be appended with the where clause
> without him knowing about it.

If you have access to whatever's doing the appending, change it to use
a union instead of OR.  I've seen numerous cases with 9i and 10g where
previously fine (in 8i) statements with OR predicates tanked badly
until changed.


select count(*) from (
 select * from fred.table_a A
 where A.col_1 in (select col_3 from fred.table_b B where B.col_4 = '662')
 select * from fred.table_a A
 where A.col_2 in (select col_3 from fred.table_b B where  B.col_4 = '662'))

This'll should give you the benefit you've seen from the two
independent queries running quickly, with a little overhead from the
implied sort from the union.  This also lends itself nicely to dynamic
query construction ... just keep adding further unions, though don't
go mad with it.


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