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And even more benefit to see the STAT lines from a 10046 Trace with the 
execution plans. 

My hunch is that it's doing sub-query unnesting and it can't do partition 
pruning because the sub query is joined with the main query in such a way that 
it can't do the pruning.  Maybe using a WITH clause for the sub query would do 
the trick. 

Ric Van Dyke
Hotsos Enterprises Ltd

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> All -
> Oracle
> RH Linux 5.3
> I have a query that contains a subquery.  When I run the subquery as a
> standalone it completes in less than 2 minutes, but the full query takes
> over 2 hours and ATTR_CODE is a small table.  The first thing I noticed was
> that when I run the subquery as a standalone it uses partition pruning for
> the incidentkey table, but when incorporated as a subquery it does not.  FYI
> - it is partitioned on IN_DATE - one partition for each year.  Any thoughts
> for why this is happening or how I can force it to use the partitioning?
It would probably be beneficial to see the execution plan for both queries.

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